Tribute To Kang Ndun Nganjuk

This concept will apreciated for next week event in big event Nganjuk with title " road to nganjuk give respect get respect ".

For further information about this, we recommended first to give inform us, since Nganjuk is the leading city in Indonesia becoming a title " The City of One Million CBs  "

Ariel Classic Motor Tshirt

Since the one set of world war, ariel motor is partly used combat troops in the field. Some for evacuation, carry logistics and advance as main forces. Tshirt with Ariel label makes the memories look in the eyes again. Not on the horrors of war, but preserving Ariel is like remembering the services of the heroes of each country. Ariel motor relics that in some countries, eventually fell into the hands of natives and treated well until now. The older the motor turned out to be a separate deposit for the owner.

Rompi PT. KAI

PT.  Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)in English:Indonesian Railways is the leading transportation stake holder and most young men want to work on the railroad is however a chance can not be fulfilled all. It is advised considering the train quite stable institutions and from year to year public ministry rated increasly in earning.

To support the field work, there is one part that requires uniformity of clothes likw waistcoat ( rompi )  to be known easily. Zip Jogja gained the confidence to make this uniform officers to expedite the work on the field. No exception to the manufacture of a vest that shows identity and official workers of  PT KAI as formal workers and recognized. With this belief may later got the same job. Daops 6 Jogjakarta, one of branch in the central Java had executive master for many kindly works along railroad installation.

Kulo Biker Sanes Gangster

Kulo Biker Sanes Gangster i
s a typical shirt CB very principle of using the Java language and is very close to the CB. Although the Java language biker CB outside Java are very familiar with and know the meaning of the language contained in this shirt. The symbol on this work was to give the color typical of CB enthusiasts, especially Indonesia.

College Jacket Custom

Boarding College or Campus Jacket is one student community college in Yogyakarta, the other of course a given community service is not pure calculation bussines. But it contains elements of social business. Note that they are still a college or school and its activities are still educational. Made smooth drill with computer embroidery makes this jacket is comfortable to wear and durable in terms of usage. Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta is one leading university in Yogyakarta non Goverment College/ University, some are already subscribed to our periodic customer is highly appreciated.

CB Japs Style Tshirt

One man show in Japs Style wes proud this. The Jap's motor present not only styles of CB communities but Jap's is a Style. It inspirated me to follow concepts around Biker CB Jap's. Almost people like this design since non commont product tshirt.

Reptilia Tshirt

there is a community out there that have been familer with the community is a fan of reptiles. Often there is an event or exhibition of reptiles in Indonesia either regular or yearly. Solo and Jogja Indonesia are two cities are often held this event. Using full color screen printing patterns produce a picture of satisfactory results. About 3 years this communities discribed their activities.